Funky Winkerbean is a comic strip by Tom Batiuk. It is the most existentially terrifying thing ever spawned by a human mind. This is what happens when you replace the last panel with blackness, taking the strips to their logical conclusion.

Today Funky Dies.

Updated whenever the comic become soul-crushingly depressing. So a couple times a week.

Lack of Updates?!

As you may have noticed, we at Today Funky Dies haven’t posted a comic in a few days. This is because the current Funky arc, involving what appears to be a half-dozen strips arguing about the appropriateness of having an event at a pizza place, has been aggressively boring. Worry not, fans of morbidity: as all things go in this strip, things will soon go to hell. But I’ll ask you now: should we expand the range of the site to Tom Batiuk’s other comic, Crankshaft? I’ll leave it to you!

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